I want to inspire as many people as many people as I can to discover and/or go after their own vision so they can then rise to their true potential.

Hi, I'm Lavi Hendin

I'm an expert in personal branding and understanding how it affects someone’s true potential. I've been working with clients to help them develop their personal branding so they have a clear vision for their careers. Helping to bring it life and strategize allows the client to reach towards their true potential

Having a strong interest in music being a musician myself, I have been very fortunate to have networked with high profile clients since I was 21, helping to further my reach. I've worked with artists Angie Stone, Princeton Perez (formerly of Mindless Behavior), and clients associated big name artists such as Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Lady Gaga, Usher, and Justin Timberlake, to name a few. I have also had my design work on iTunes and Billboard charts. The past several years I have expanded to work with fashion and fitness models, and actors, and in doing so studied the worlds of the fashion and acting/film world.

When I was 26/27 I fell into a “ditch” and over the next several years I used the reinventing of my personal branding to help dig myself out, and find an incredible happiness. This allowed me to see my vision for what I wanted with my career and life very clearly. I could see the potential in what I learned through those years and, with much encouragement as well, I started changed my business from doing just design work to helping clients with personal branding.

I’ve seen first hand how much it helped me, and through my help I’m happy to be seeing other peoples personal development allow them to see their vision clearly as well. My goal is to help as many clients across entertainment and fashion build up and enhance their personal brands so they can reach their true potential.