an exercise to help unleash creativity through connection

Inspire yourself daily!

Inspiring yourself daily is key but this is really meant to help build awareness so you can also get familiar with what truly distracts you.

Creativity is one of the most important skills and it's something everyone can tap into. We all have wonderful ideas, original to you, it's just your choice whether to bring them to life, and live up to the potential or not. I get my flow of creativity and ideas going each day by staring at blank slate or seeking out inspiration.

Inspiraton is the push of mental stimulation & and motivation is the pull of a "reward". Those are the two ways to unleash your creativity, though I believe a true, natural flow of creativity only comes from inspiration.

As much as you can read my blog, or we can chat, and I inspire you; I'm not always there with you. So this exercise below is a great way to build awareness and for staying inspired. Awareness is something i've always found comes easy to me; its why i'm so calm and patient with people. This is an exercies I do and live by.

The Challenge/Excercise
(you can do this on your phone)

1. Every MORNING write what INSPIRES you. It can just be one thing, or multiple, but write at least one.

2. Every EVENING write what INSPIRED you that day. Even if you didn't have a "good day" really try to find at least one thing.

3. Also every EVENING write what DISTRACTED you that day. You CAN write down you just had a "tough day". "Feeling down" is what I consider a necessary distraction and valid reason to take a day to yourself.

The idea is get you more aware of what gets your creativity going, and recognize when you're doing something that's stalling it – distraction. For me, I started to get really good at flowing in and out of creativity, WHEN I WANTED. That's the hope for you, but the idea is just building that awareness.

I recommend trying this for at least a week; you can do this however long you wish though obviously.

If this doesn't seem to work for you, that's fine, everyone is different!

The reason I believe in this challenge is I've seen firsthand the importance of creativity in life having dealt with horried mental health issues (you can read more about that here). I've always loved connection, and building my awareness was something I did early in my career, but then I realized I could use awareness to help drive my flow. AND having conversations with peers has give great perspective into the value of inspiration.

Everything we give attention to and connect with has an effect on us in some way, even basic actions like driving a car. They impact our daily lives arguably more than anything else, and if we are able to shift our thoughts then we can push aside (or better, get rid of) the negative ones, and shift to positive ones.


is easily described as mental stimulation; the feeling and desire to do something.

It “pushes” us forward in from an internal desire in a way that makes us feel good because it’s likely to come from purpose.


is the use of original ideas and/or imagination.

It allows you to think about things in better ways, deal with situations better, solve problems, and create.

This challenge I've presented is personal, so it's up to you if you want to share with others.

Sometime in the next few days I'll put a peice out called "Realizations Of A Creative Mind: Realizations I've made after 12 years working in entertainment and (7 years) fashion". And please go check out my blog for more on creativity, connection, and how it helps us in life. There are also a few blogs about branding which I've been doing for 12 years pretty much. So please sign up for my mailing list below if interested in keeping up with everything.