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Why You Should Weave Your Brand Into Everything

Apr. 30, 2019

We change overtime, adapting to situations along the way which helps build and shape who we are. We all go through life interacting with more and more people as we grow older, and our careers build, being thought of a certain way by everyone around us. This why it’s important for you to weave your personal brand into everything.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting around having lunch, at a meeting with someone, or even sharing a high quality picture from a photoshoot, everything you do and say shapes who you are to others. Even after the first impression [this will link back to my first impressions post], the person or people on the other end are still learning more of who you are. And with more people than ever using the internet, whether it’s for social media, news, or something else, you never know who’s checking you out.

I’m always trying to weave my brand into everything because you never know who may be looking. I often step back and look at everything I’m doing, I even ask friends to look things over for me as well, which really helps me make sure I’m consistent with my brand. The questions I ask myself are am telling a good story or experience with my posts? Or sharing something that shows who I am and what I’m about?

I go on social media all the time, scour the internet, and the most common mistake people make is they’re not truly bringing themselves and what they do to life the way they should. A lot of people just settle for what’s easy and what’s generic; writing a quote or too simple of a caption, or setting up a website that looks like everyone else’s.

We all have amazing stories to tell and experiences to share that bring who we are to life and let people into why we do what we do. THAT is ultimately will “sell” your work.

When you post pictures to social media, try sharing more of your personality in the caption, tell your story, share your experiences, and see what happens. Building a cohesive and consistent image for yourself online is incredible because you’re not only “selling” yourself, now you’re likely influencing others, and possibly without even knowing it.

Your personal brand is what others think of you, so be consistent in weaving your personal brand and see what happens. I guarantee you will see a difference in how people you interact with, including your audience on social media, think about you and feel about you.

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