Why We Need To Understand Branding Better

Aug. 14, 2020

I started getting into branding in 2011 shortly after my network really started grow, and if you ask personal development and business coaches and mentors I’m sure they’ll all agree that learning about branding is important.

Yet over the past several years I’ve noticed that the way people are adapting to social media and the internets growth has caused this “redefining” of what branding and a brand is.

Today so many people are “experts in branding” from entertainers who like to call themselves creative directors now, to people who run business’s “thinking” they’ve got the answers. And this has led to those terms being thrown around quite loosely.

There is a lot of work today that does take an understanding of branding, such as content creators, social media managers, or even product managers, but it’s deeper than a lot of people seem think.

Branding HAS changed over the years. What you or your business does or sells is key, but it’s no longer as important as who you are, why you do it, and what you believe in. And that’s really what branding, or a brand is.

It’s peoples perception of you or your business/work. It’s what people think of you when you’re not around as Jeff Bezos says.

I posted about personal branding which goes into detail more and I’m working on a post about branding in general so I’ll skip a thorough explanation here, but good branding really paves the way to a great vision. And understanding what branding is allows you present yourself or your business in ways that help your world grow.

If all you post is attractive pictures or videos, then someone will base their perceptions of you from that. It might generate great engagement, but if you add more, write more, think more about what it is you’re trying to say with the post, than I guarantee people will start to perceive you as you actually want to be perceived.

The reason I’m so into effective attention and connection is because it helps others to perceive you correctly, and unleashing your creativity allows your presentation to flourish. That’s why it’s good to start with these elements. When someone perceives you or business correctly, you don’t fall trap to “what your audience wants” cause they KNOW what your or your business are about.

And when your creativity is unleashed, new open doors and those new opportunities behind each door help you expand and grow.

Products are great to help a brand and social media management is an important piece, but branding will always be about others perception no matter how much people try to redefine it. That’s branding! That’s what it’s about and why we need to understand it better.

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