What To Do In Strange Times

Mar. 18, 2020

This virus is causing a shake up in how we live, and some of you might find quite yourselves unsure what to do, a bit confused, and maybe even loosing happiness among other things. However I highly encourage you to stay strong, and focus on how you be helpful, even it’s just being helpful to yourself and developing your mind and personal brand.

Around six years ago I experienced a complete stop in work and left me with not much to do, which felt very unusual, especially since I had been networking so well. This period of my life is what led me to want to inspire and help others the way I do. It opened my eyes to what I should have done when that happened, which was to focus on me. Focus on developing my branding further, and developing my mind to stay strong during a depressing time.

Developing strong branding for yourself and your work is always important, but it’s in these unusual and depressing times that you MUST stay strong and find a way to push on. Every situation is different, however, the challenge of having to figure out what now and what’s next to do” will almost always be there. That’s where focusing on developing yourself, your mind, come in handy.

So take a step back and evaluate where the next forward step should be. The idea being that you only need ONE step back, and won’t be falling back deeper into a “hole” which may lead to frustration, stress, and depression. If you are able to find that focus, think about your vision, and what you can do to reach for that vision. Depending on what you do, you might be limited from being quarantined, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into a creative thinking process, and further develop your mind, and your personal branding.

That’s what I should have done around six years ago when I fell into a “hole,” but that’s what I do constantly so there’s no confusion where I want things to go, with everything eventually lead towards my vision. Maybe a step forward isn’t it, or there, but a strong sturdy staying in a good head space to remain balanced in the mind.

It’s up to you when things get tough; do you want to become lost in your mind? or find the vision and balance in your mind?

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