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Unleashing Your Creativity

Mar. 26, 2020

I discovered that with really good focus your creativity will never cease to produce great results for you. My creativity happens to be the “place” I go when stuff is going on causing me to not think straight. So I want to talk about finding creativity since it’s an important piece of life.

Creativity is when we use our imagination or original ideas.

Creativity is important because it allows you to think about dealing with each situation differently, to solve problems, and to create.

It helps you from getting bored, and keeps you going strong, so you can always be delivering the best of you, and not let you “slip away.” When inspiring yourself and the passions you have come together is when you can really unleash your creativity. And at a time like this when we are all quarantining it’s relatively easy to feel lost, not sure what to do, because work, your passions, and the things and people that inspire you aren’t right there.

So how do you unleash your creativity?

Inspiring yourself is really the first step. To inspire yourself you have to think about what you are passionate about. Think about what enables you to perform at your highest level. A great way to get inspired is by hearing or seeing something and then applying the inspiration to yourself. That’s why we look for inspiration when we are feeling stuck, and nows a great time for that.

After you inspire yourself you have to find a routine that will keep the creativity flowing. To do that you have to get in a new head space, a new mindset. Changing the thought patterns you have allows you to keep yourself inspired, and a routine can now be built around that. When I wanted to start this blog, I changed my routine, finding that what I saw online, on social media, inspired me to write more.

The best part is finding happiness in the moment you are in right now, instead of wishing you were somewhere else. That’s really when inspiration and passion come together as an engine for your creativity, and the focus found in the now will allow you to bring forth your best ideas. You won’t be distracted, you’ll be present in the moment.

That’s how you unlock your creativity. Possibly one of the most important skills you can ever have.

I also wrote about "The Key To Uncovering Passion" where I talk more about how passion is key to branding.

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