The Time Stress Takes Away

Oct. 3, 2019

I’ve talked about how managing stress and anxiety are all about reactions, well, they also take up your time. The time stress was taking up from me was the biggest reason why I had to develop a strong mindset, and why you should too. Time ticks away, you can’t stop it, and so it’s up to you to decide where you want to spend your time.

Another way to think about personal branding is it’s the ongoing personal development of the “presentation” aspects of your life and career so people’s perception of you is what you want. However, through developing the “presentation” part of yourself, you also start to understand about what holds you back, including your mind. There's a lot that to wrap your mind around in this world, and it's not helpful if you let the mind end up where you don't want it, or in places that don't create a positive feeling.

If you take time building up in your head an expectation, anxiety is likely to set in, and that takes up time. And if something causes you to be frustrated, confused, unsure what to do, annoyed, etc. then it could be that stress will take up your time.

This is why aligning your values and passions with what you do and how you do it is important. That process of alignment is an incredible way to get your mind where it needs to be and give time and attention to whats most important for you. If you are incredibly passionate about what you do, which you should always be, than there you will find that it's easy to stay focused. And when you value your work how you do it will likely minimize distractions because of that focus the passion brings on.

Confusions within my career outside of building an amazing network led to frustration which led to stress and then depression, and that took up way too much time. I actually considered quitting and moving on on many occassions, but I didn’t because I knew I needed to push on, and I knew it was something amazing to give to this world.

You control what and who takes up your time. Only YOU decide what to give time and attention too.

The biggest motivation should be the time you have. It is for me and that’s why I had to develop a strong mindset developing my personal brand. So you decide; what do you want taking up your time?

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