The Key To Uncovering Passions

Nov. 19, 2019

People who do branding love to talk about purpose and passion because they are key elements that drive you forward and are keys of successful branding. Passion is what get’s you going, it’s the fuel inside of you that drives the desire to launch and find your vision. Passion gives you a reason to continue working towards your true potential and it gives you purpose.

The purpose of what I do is to inspire people to develop their branding so they can connect their vision with what they do allowing them to see a clear path to their potential. The passion in my purpose comes from my love of helping people with branding, and teaching about everything related to branding.

The way to uncover what you are truly passionate about is to think back about all of the peak experiences of life. All of the key ingredients that made those experiences so exciting are what make up your passions. Taking the time to really understand what about those exciting experiences made them exciting is a key part to uncovering your passions. Writing a blog is exciting, sharing about everything related to branding is my passion.

A lot of people get really excited working on incredible projects, and then have trouble connecting it together with their branding, and a big part of that is they aren’t understanding how to connect it all with their passions and purpose. Actually, there is a good chance that most of the ideas you are pitched that may sound excited don’t align with those things, and that is what causes a lot of people to end up feeling overwhelmed.

If you really take the time to focus on what you care about, and not necessarily what’s fun, then those passions can ignite a fire in you and you can figure how to connect everything together. When you connect all those things that you love together its really easy to determine whether something will align with you, or whether it’s just exciting.

It’s very easy with everything we have today, including social media, to get overwhelmed by what’s exciting and lose track the things we truly care about. I used to live out on a ranch in Idaho for almost a year, and it was not only quiet, but also peaceful for my mind to be able to think about those things I am most passionate so I can always be connecting with them. Connecting with that “peaceful ranch” helped incredibly in my journey and I know your passions are right under your nose if you really take the time to uncover them.

If you truly care, passion is there with you, all the time, helping to give to your purpose. And aligning everything is the fuel that will keep you feeling happy about everything, and often times that “peaceful ranch” mindset is just what you need to really open your heart and drive you forward.

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