How To Stay Strong Through Depression & Depressing Times

Apr. 29, 2020

Battling back from extreme depression in 2015 and the year or so of bad ups and down that followed changed a lot in my life. It gave way to the discovery of my vision, my purpose, and the importance of attention, connection, and creativity (the big three as I call them). More importantly I came away understanding that the best way to battle depression was through paying attention and connection.

What I’m sharing is what I’ve learned both from my own experience and from my interest in connection and how humans are, human nature which goes back to around 2010. After all I’m a compassionate visionary, not a therapist.

Everyone deals with depression and going through depressing times differently. Sometimes it’s like a light switch, the feeling comes on and off, and other times it’s in longer stretches. Because of this I realized feeling down isn’t about not feeling happy because it’s easy to hide behind a smile (or something you post). It’s really more about feeling like there’s a lack of life or energy.

That lack of life or energy is why connection is important when you’re feeling down. Connecting with things or others helps inspire you to find some needed energy, or even just a smile. Talking to someone when you feeling down they might be comforting, inspiring you to push on. Or taking a walk might refresh energy inside of you through connecting with the world around you.

When you find you are inspired it’s really easy to end up finding yourself doing something you love, or unleashing creativity. AND when you get yourself going like that it becomes really easy find balance. Remember, creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas.

A simple way of thinking about is if you pay attention to the way you feel, connecting will help inspire you to find an energy. That energy should give way to unleashing your creativity.

If you get really good at this, it will help create such balance in your life, as it has for me. I’ll admit I still deal with slight ups and downs, but that’s why it’s super easy for me to bounce back from them.

We all have this idea that we “have to feel better or happier” but the truth is it’s more about paying attention when these feelings come on so you CAN stay strong. And so you CAN reach for the connections that inspire you. That's what really help get positive energy flowing.

It’s ok to let things be, and take time off, and recharge. Just make sure you’re always giving attention to the connections, people or things/activities, that give you excitement, so that your creativity can come alive again. That way there is less time wasted in going after your vision.

It’s worked for me, and others. And might just work for you. After all, it’s your life, and I'm hoping you always want to feel on top, even in depressing times, so you connect with your vision and potential.

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