How Reactions Play A Part In Your Vision

Oct. 1, 2019

I remember years ago I fell into a time of stress, and much anxiety. I felt like even though I had made great strides in my career it was still not going in the direction I wanted it to. That’s when I started reinventing my own personal brand, which helped me see the path, see my vision, as well as learn to control emotions and manage stress.

It’s incredibly easy to dwell too much on what other people think. Hearing someone say something about you that you don’t like might likely cause a negative reaction, setting your emotions on edge. Not knowing how the audience might react be to a performance before a show might stir some nerves inside you, awakening a “fear.”

In those moments if you relax, the reactions can be controlled simply by thinking about what to do now instead of wondering why. And with anxiety, the more you can embrace the feeling coming on, the more positive a reaction you can have to it.

The more you control your reactions, the less your emotions will affect you. The less your emotions affect you, the more you show off a positive person for people to know, and the more you will find your audience and people around you won’t have any affect on you.

Through developing my personal brand I was able to align my values and passions with what I do and how I do it. This made it incredibly easy for me to learn how to control emotional and mental stability because I was seeing the vision for myself come to life, and I wasn’t going to let anything affect me anymore.

If you really stop to ask yourself why something or someone this affecting you, I can guarantee that you will realize it shouldn’t be something you dwell on. You don’t want to end up in a “battle” with your emotions, keeping you from something.

If you create a powerful vision for yourself, aligning everything together controlling your emotions and mentality, you can control your reactions, and you be consistent in the upward climb to your true potential.

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