The Power Inspiration Has To Drive Change

Oct. 22, 2020

If you’ve read my blog entries you’ll know I love all things related to creativity and connection, and one of them is inspiration. And I LOVE inspiring others because it helps to encourage others.

The encouragement that inspiration can have helped me tremendously when I was recreating myself, and dealing with extreme depression. That encouragement allowed me to change or shift the way I thought about things so I could find value.

That’s why being inspired by something has such power. Whether it’s negative/sad or positive/happy, it will drive a desire for change. It’s encouraging.

It could be a desire to feel better from mental health issues; it could be a desire to see change in the world – this is why people become activists and voting is important; or it even just be a desire to get better at something, requiring more learning.

Whatever it is, that desire to change, or desire for change, comes from inspiration because it’s powerful effect on you is encouraging — including to recreate yourself, as I desired.

This is why it’s important to understand that what or who you give attention to allows you to CONNECT in a way that inspires. And inspiration helps unleash our creativity, and helps drive the desire for change. Attention and connection leads to inspiration, which then leads to unleashing creativity.

Attention helps with stimulation, awareness, and consistency. Creativity helps solve problems, enhance what you do, and deal with situations. Connection helps to inspire, and inspiration powers us forward!

If you’re ever in position where you might feel like things aren’t going “right,” as I was, shift your attention to connect with something or someone that inspires you. That inspiration will help drive that change you desire and get the creativity going.

We constantly feel the need to be inspired or motivated to get through days, so by connecting with whatever or whoever inspires you it will encourage your desires, even the desire to finish a project, or song.

Inspiration drives change because it has a powerful effect in the way it encourages you.

It’s why we should inspire each other for better, and it’s why we should inspire ourselves each day.

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