A Pets Love And Creativity

Dec. 2, 2020

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Living in Idaho had an incredible impact on my life, even though at the time I admit I didn’t like it. The peacefulness of the ranch I lived on allowed me to recreate myself, and I met an incredibly wonderful cat that I took as my own to take care of named Pablo. Pablo certainly knew how to love human beings in a way I’ve never seen other cats do, and he is the only cat I’ve ever known that has gotten a non-cat lover to like him — I’m positive other cats do as well.

That companionship allowed me to feel such love in a way I wasn’t feeling from so many other people at the time. And watching him play around gave me such a drive to unleash my creativity. I didn’t completely understand why until I did the deep dive into how creativity helped me through extreme depression. And of course, it all plays into connection that inspires us because that’s what loving companionships do.

Having a loved one by your side makes you feel good, which allows you feel inspired to be creative and think creatively — remember, anyone can tap into their creativity. Companionships of any kind is something we all strive for in life, though it is also the cause of great sadness and depression in people that have trouble connecting meaningfully with others. That’s why human connection, even just texts, with someone you know who cares about you is important.

However, because pet love is unconditional, it will never waver and doesn’t give off negative feelings and emotions the way a human does. It loves you when we return from being out, it loves when you wake up in the morning, and it even loves you after scold her/him for doing something wrong.

Anytime you’re around such love like that, inspiration can set in. And inspiration is the BEST way to unleash your creativity because you’re feeling great!

Even when you’re feeling down, playing with your pet can help rid the negative thoughts and feelings from your mind. And if you have dog, when you take the dog on a walk, it gives you time for a break and breathe of fresh air that might be exactly what you need to be able to refocus your energy, and give attention to what’s needed. Or with a cat you might take time to play with the cat.

Pablo didn’t inspire me the same way other people do, but he surely allowed me to feel special. And that connection was all I needed to be inspired.

I’d bet that if you own a pet, or are around friends with pets, your love for pets — hoping you have a love for pets — brings about inspiration, maybe subconsciously. And that inspiration leads to pure love, smiles, and creativity.

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