Why Creativity Helps Overcome Mental Health Issues

Nov. 20, 2020

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One of the coolest things I discovered about how creativity helps in life — which happened as a result of extreme depression — is why you can overcome mental health issues with creativity. This was an important discovery for me because it was the first thing I realized before diving deeper and it started me down the path I’m on now; to inspire others to unleash their creativity.

Why does creativity — digging into your creative mind — help overcome mental health issues?

Creativity helps you think differently about situations and issues in life.

The ideas you come up with help you help you shift your thoughts to something positive, which allows the outcome of a day or moment to change for the better. That’s why shifting what and who you give attention and connection with makes sense; It helps you find inspiration and unleash creativity.

It makes even more sense if you think about it because a lot of people going through mental health issues go searching for answers. Seeking connections that will inspire ideas to make changes either in the now and help overtime.

The reason a lot of people don’t think about creativity helping this way or don’t they’re creative minded (which is subject for another blog post) is because creativity is linked with original ideas and A LOT of ideas come what we see or hear.

BUT…you take ideas in existence and turn them into your own, and that’s why it’s creativity. You are using what you are inspired by and generating an original idea FOR YOU.

That’s why attention and connection are important to unleashing creativity. Those two elements combined help you find what’s needed to think about situations and issues better to help get through them.

The next time you anxiety coming on, or something depressing you, I encourage you to think about getting creative. Give attention to what or who might be great to connect with to inspire you and you will find it easier to overcome mental health issues.

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