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Nov. 3, 2018 - updated Nov. 25, 2020

Creativity has always been a part of my life, whether it was art, music, or design, so much so that it helps my visionary skills come to life when working with clients. Being creative minded wonderfully ties into working with high profile figures in entertainment and fashion, as I have. I also love connection and my friends have always said that I have a natural ability to connect well with others.

My love of creativity and connection play well into my love of helping others. Everyone has amazing ideas, wonderful visions, and excitement for what they do. That is incredible when it comes to working with someone on their branding, and IS what it means to unleash creativity. And if feels amazing to help someone reach the goal, and work towards the vision.

Two events happened in my life that me allowed me to find great understanding and realization. The first was that I went through extreme depression in 2015 which led to my realization of the importance of creativity and inspiration in life. The second was that around 2017 I started to realize just how much internet — social media included — was changing human nature in a negative way.

And so I came up with the idea of The Attention Connection, which is a thinking process that allows better in life and helps unleash our creativity. I’m sure the ideas I talk about exist in the world, but it’s a thinking process stating that when we give attention to the right things or people we can connect in a way that helps us for the better.

Creativity IS the use of original ideas, however, what that really means is original ideas FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL. Because so many ideas exist in the world, our ideas likely sparked from something we saw or heard. That’s why EVERYONE can tap in their creative mind. Connecting in a way that helps us better includes helping us tap into that creative mind.

The Attention Connection; effective attention leads to connecting well, and those connections we make help generate the great ideas we have lead towards the amazing, towards our vision(s).

I have a deep love of helping and inspiring others because I always want to see someone at their best. Seeing their vision(s) through effectively is why I started this blog. Here you will find topics about attention, connection, branding, inspiration, and of course, creativity.

I hope to inspire you as you read and the blog entires are helpful in shifting thought to a better place, or thinking about something better!

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