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Nov. 3, 2018

We all have passions in life, and for me, everything I loved revolved around music, whether is was playing music, writing music, or working something music related. When I was old enough to go out to clubs, I met Kern Brantley, a prominent figure in the music world, and he introduced me to some of the biggest musicians and producers who are associated with some of the biggest names. Down the road I started learning more about branding, and how branding plays into everything you do, especially in the entertainment industry, and started to realize just how much social media was changing how we brand ourselves.

Social media is an incredible place to promote who we are, and what we’re doing. It allows us to share things going on in our lives with our friends and audience. When you’re running a solo business as musicians, producers, actors, and models do, social media is great to show off your work, and build an audience that loves to follow your journey. However, we often times get sucked into the idea of posting something without really thinking about how it effects us our brand, and how others think of us. As many have said “Your brand is what people think about when you’re not around.” Even when you are doing you, building yourself, it’s important that what you put out allows people to perceive you correctly.

A musician and artist might post a bunch of videos of themselves doing a cover of a song, but is that video creating something unique with your talent? Or does it look like just another video of someone covering a song? Does an actor or model posing on set, create that stunning, “wow that’s awesome” image? Or does it look like just another picture from the set of the project their working on?

Everyone has a uniqueness about them, and when you bring those unique qualities to life from your stories and experiences it helps people understand why you do what you do. Those stories and experiences help to shape your brand and help sell your work. Everything we do shapes our personal brand. Every interaction, everything we say to someone, and things we do and love, and that brings out how unique each of us individually are. And when you post something on social media it should be done with the intent to keep pushing the story and experiences that make you unique.

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