Into The Depths Of Understanding

Dec. 22, 2020

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Ever since I fell in love with connection I realized how much understanding each other is incredibly important.

I don’t mean just taking the time to listen to someone, which is important for sure. I mean letting the other person be who they truly are with EVERY interaction.

That companionship allowed me to feel such love in a way I wasn’t feeling from so many other people at the time. And watching him play around gave me such a drive to unleash my creativity. I didn’t completely understand why until I did the deep dive into how creativity helped me through extreme depression. And of course, it all plays into connection that inspires us because that’s what loving companionships do.

The rise of social media and the way its changed how we perceive and interact with others has led to strange beliefs and ideas. Two great examples are that because of how we connect online we subconsciously think things that aren’t helpful; and we’ve had a build up of unwritten rules for communication.

When you perceive something because you get negative feelings it’s easy to apply those perceptions in a general sense, which we do subconsciously most of the time, even if we talk about it. However, because everyone is unique, it’s much better to form your perception of someone on an individual basis

It also does no good when someone posts something attractive to the eye, and your perception is that they’re only attractive for a reason.

And with communication a lot of times it does no good to sit waiting for a response just because we are “supposed to,” like with double texting. There are respectable ways of communication for sure, but because situations are different and everyone is unique it’s stupid say there ARE rules.

I’ll never push someone who isn’t good at expressing themselves to share more than they want, just the same as I won’t tell someone who has a lot to say to shut up, and I doubt you would either. Opinions are formed through understanding the other person, which has nothing to with whether someone is good at expressing themselves.

When I realized that understanding each other can go this deep, I knew immediately I wasn’t going to just try to connect with others, but understand them so well that it never felt like I was showing interest “just because”.

And when you think about what being kind is truly about, you have to let the other person be themselves to even reach a level of empathy, or even deeper, compassion. That’s why when someone posts about difficulty in life, the comments might full of well wishes. We’ve been kind to read thoroughly creating an understanding, and then empathy comes on when sending the wishes.

No matter what culture has taught us, I guarantee when you will let someone show their true self you will create a much deeper understanding than just taking in what they’ve said or messaged. In that way you will form a much clearer perception.

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