Into The Depths Of Understanding, Pt. 1

Dec. 22, 2020

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Around 2010/2011 when I started connecting with high profile figures in entertainment I shifted how I connect with others, which allowed me to understand better, and in turn perceive others well. This led to me being able to expand my network well, and create friendships I never imagined.

However, as much as understanding is key to connecting well, it really starts with simply letting the other person be who they truly are in every way.

A lot of people have trouble with this is because of the way something attracts them, which can be for either negative and positive reasons. And it’s just as easy to have a negative reaction as it is a positive one.

You can react with kindness and positivity to something that triggers a good emotion; and yet you can also easily react negatively to something that’s bothersome, disliked, and triggers negative emotion. You can try and connect with someone based on an attractive opportunity in a nice, kind, polite manner; or you come off in a negative way.

If a fashion model posts a picture on social media — I’ve worked with fashion models so I’ll use this example — there are plenty of people who will leave kind comments. There are also people who leave negative ones, or even send unneeded distasteful messages.

A second example would be that there are people that don’t care for long messages. They’ll generate a short response which doesn’t allow for meaningful conversation to carry on. Or there’s something they may also skip over that’s important for one reason or another.

I’ll never push someone who isn’t good at expressing themselves to share more than they want, just the same as I won’t make it seem like I want someone who a lot to say to shut up, and I hope you wouldn’t either. Opinions are formed through understanding the other person, which has nothing to with whether someone is good at expressing themselves or sharing thoughts.

No matter what culture has taught us, I guarantee when you will let someone shine, and truly be themselves, it will create a much deeper understanding than just taking in what they’ve said or messaged. In that way you will form a much clearer perception.

You don’t have to be compassionate towards others but being kind, respectful, empathetic of others helps the world become a better place. It allows people to shine, and be who they truly are and want to be without feeling like “something is going be said”.

I've been fortunate to have connected with some amazing people in the entertainment and fashion worlds, and have been asked how I connect so well more than I do about branding, which what I get hire for. I have a deep love for connection and human nature and behavior, and it's helped me understand quite a lot about connecting well.

I’m going to do some blog posts talking about understanding, which is the key to meaningful connection. I don’t know how many parts it’ll be, but I want to dive into the depths of understanding, as the title suggests.

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