How We Connect With Social Media

Jan. 13, 2020

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I started out doing websites in 2009 before expanding to do branding. That’s right around the time social media started its growth into what know it as today, according to the Pew Research Center, a “nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world”. The internet as a whole is a vast world that has become ever present in our lives, and it’s affecting us.

I’ve noticed a lot being a lover of connection and being aware of so much going on that play into human nature and behavior. There is a lot of positive and negative to the internet — social media included. However, the awareness and attention found on social media is one that is both wonderful and harmful.

Social media allows you to share as much of your life with others as you want, even giving a voice you might otherwise find hard to express yourself. It allows you to connect with people from all over, and it’s brought about more ways to connect with what inspires you, makes you feel good. It allows you to interact with people who have similar values, and allows you to hear about happenings in the world.

This means you can become more aware of the world we live in, giving attention to things you might not usually.

That’s where you become susceptible to what we become aware of and what or who we give attention to — and subconsciously.

Engagement on social media shouldn’t have lastings effects on you at all, with the exception of messages. And yet a lot of people have feelings that last just by seeing how many likes they have on a post, or the comments being made, or even the messages being sent.

You might be finding creative juices flowing ONLY because of what you get out of putting it online. Not because you’ve been inspired to let the creativity flow. Link at end to my blog that talks more about this.

So many of us, especially in entertainment and fashion (the worlds I work in), have come to realize the importance of being on these social media platforms. But we subconsciously slip into relying on what happens there, it’s important to recognize because they ARE NOT our platforms; people run them just like any other business and now too many of us get have “given our life” to them.

You can’t do that!

The reason a website makes sense is to have presence outside of social media that is YOUR space on the internet. The reason taking the connections you make off of social media makes sense is because the friendships will feel more alive. The reason it makes sense to be inspired to unleash your creativity is because motivation just doesn’t have the same flow to your creative mind.

You simply can’t let social media subconsciously grab at your life. It takes great awareness and attention to shift your mind, but doing so will save our own human nature and behavior. You CANNOT rely on what’s not in your control. It’s that simple!

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Unleashing Your Creativity

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