How To Unleash Your Creativity

Mar. 26, 2020 - Updated Mar. 24, 2021

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Creativity has always been a part of me, it helps with so much in life, and I love talking to people about it.

Creativity is when you use your original ideas or imagination.

It’s important because it allows you to think about dealing with situations differently, to solve problems, and to create. Even though it’s most commonly associated with art, it is different from artistic ability.

With the many ups and downs life may bring, and news in the world presents, creativity keeps you going strong. And unleashing it helps you to “feel alive” which means it’s great when depressed, stressed, anxious, or going through depressing times. In fact, studies have even proven that creativity increases your general well-being.

Creativity really starts with a connection. One that inspire you, or motivates you. For a lot of people structure is important to just stay consistent with creativity, and Inspiration or motivation is important to structure.

So how do you unleash your creativity, and stay consistent? Through attention and connection.

The attention you give allows you to connect with someone or something, which then leads you to unleash your creativity. Through connecting, you can feel inspired or motivated, which is key to helping you unleash creativitym and even find the structure needed for a consistent creative flow.

Most of time you’ll even find that a vision you have is so inspiring that you subconsciously give attention to it, and just go for it. For example writing a song you’re inspired to finish, presenting yourself well in photoshoot you looked forward to, or working on a project you know you want to finish. This also happens with human connection, and is why we find our attention shifting from person to person.

In fact, lack of inspiration is a big reason it’s easy to lose focus, or feel stuck, lost, unsure, or even hopeless.

Motivation works best when the reward has meaning and/or brings excitement, and feeling inspired to continue actually can lead to motivation. Inspiration is being mentally stimulated, which is why you can find a more natural from of creativity from it. Without inspiration it’s hard to find creativity, which experts believe, as do I, is a link to happiness.

So I encourage you to really value what you give attention to, and the connections you make with others or something.

Creativity is one of the most important skills you can ever have, and attention and connection impact our daily lives more than anything else. That’s why effective attention and connection leads us to unleashing our creativity.

About The Author - Lavi Hendin


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