How To Stay Inspired And Motivated

Apr. 15, 2020

Everyone faces their own set of challenges in moving forward and finding the energy to keep going so they don’t quit. However, a lot of us do go through dealing with things in life, personal and/or professional, that leave us feeling down about ourselves, even if just for the moment, or day. This ends up leaving us feeling unsure, unmotivated or uninspired, or even just wanting a break to recharge.

When I found constant flow again after the dead work phase I had in 2015, I took time to evaluate what happened. I realized that I hadn't been focused on what I was, or who I was passionate about. And the lost connection was cause of the total disrupt it had on my life and is ultimately what led to the depression. It started with loss of motivation or inspiration, and then anxiety and depression.

I’m not a scientist or therapist but here is what I discovered through my own personal development and through the many connections I've made helping clients with branding and development.

The first thing is that your brain doesn’t ever turn off. The great ideas and thoughts you have are still there in your mind along with the unwanted or negative ones. So really it’s all about finding a way to shift those positive ideas and thoughts to front of the mind, away from the unwanted thoughts that keep you feeling unsure, unmotivated or uninspired.

The best way to do that is through giving attention to what you connect with.

By giving attention to the right things or people, your connection with them can help shove aside the unwanted thoughts and brings on inspiration and motivation to push forward. That kind of connection not only keeps you going in so many ways, but it also helps unleash creativity.

Creativity is the use of our imagination and/or original ideas, AND helps solve problems and deal with situations. By connecting with your friends, peers, or your audience, or even faith, it will help to give you the inspiration you need to bring your creativity to life. That kind of inspiration helps push aside the unwanted thoughts and ideas bottled up in you.

Effective, focused attention leads to connection with things or people that inspire you. When you create a cycle of that you stay inspired and motivated.

That's what works for me, and that’s why unleashing your creativity through connection will always win. It keeps you inspired and motivated to push through in difficult or depressing times.


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