How To Connect Well With Others

Apr. 7, 2020 - updated Oct. 2, 2020

I’ve been asked about networking and connecting more than anything else because I’ve made incredible connections pretty fast, early on into my career, and continue to do so. Connecting well with others is something I’ve always been passionate about because I love the feeling it gives you, and I love inspiring others.

Connection is the link or association between a person, idea, or thing and something or someone else.

Connecting well is all about the way you connect.

The attention you give something allows you to better understand or do whatever it is you are reading, watching, or doing. Everything we take in makes us think a certain way, and that’s why attention is important. It helps us listen, understand, and learn. But there’s more to it when it comes to human connection.

Human connection includes body language (if in person) and facial expression along with the thoughts, stories, and feelings the other person shares. You are exchanging energies that don’t exist in objects, or from what you read or see.

That’s why listening well or reading well is everything in connecting well.

Even if you aren’t good at reading body language or facial expression you can still hear what the person has to say.

If something interesting or inspiring is shared you listen or read intently, and when it’s something sad or less happy, you share in those emotions. Those kind of exchanges of energy are what make it human connection, and why empathy and compassion are important.

It works the same way with someone new that you meet. Listening/reading (if a message) and giving attention is the only way you know if the relationship is worth building. That energy that’s exchanged brings about interest, and that interest gives way to learning more about each other.

People love knowing they're being heard and given attention. By retaining what you’ve learned about the other person you can then spark incredible thoughts and conversion, which helps leave an amazing impression.

The internet’s growth has introduced new ways we can connect with others. Even though face to face isn’t always an option you can still connect well with others, creating meaningful connections. You can still have wonderful conversations, asking and learning.

That’s why the way to connect well with others is all about listening well or reading well. That attention leads to your better understanding and is the start to what may be a meaningful connection.

By connecting well you might just feel inspired which might lead to that “something amazing” people will know you for.

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