How Perspective Helps Throughout Life

Apr. 10, 2022

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Throughout the course of life there are many factors that help shape you into the person you are today. From your family and friends, to the activities you have a deep passion for. And the tough situations, and low times you might you go through. One moment you flourish, and another might make you question things.

Each moment can traced back to a connection of some kind. And vital to those connections, especially the one you have with yourself, is perspective.

This is something I realized, and worked on being better at after I began reflecting in 2017 on a depressing year of my life. Doing so also helped me further develop my awareness as well, which work together incredibly well.

Everything you do comes from the way you connect within your world, including with yourself. The thoughts you have towards a person, an activity, or situation, gives way to the feelings and emotions which then help you decide what to do next, and keeps you going strong. This is why connection is everything!

However, perspective is a key element that helps guide each connection. It’s the way you see yourself, other people, and the situations that happen to you, and what happens in the world. It’s an important guiding factor of your general well-being at any moment as the foundation for your outlook on life. And along with self-awareness, it helps you better deal with situations that come up, and even helps you in being there for others and helping them.

Simply put, perspective helps throughout life because it provides you with the thoughts you need to help determine what to do next with whatever is happening to you.

In a relationship of any kind, perspective helps you see how the other person might see a situation. This helps you find empathy and compassion, building up the connection. Obviously, the closer you are to the person, the easier it is to help her or him through what’s happening, but regardless, you can gain great perspective just by listening.

Connection might be everything, but perspective is truly a foundation that should always be considered so that each connection brings the best possible outcome. Even in a negative situation, a different perspective might just save your mind from loosing it.

For myself, perspective makes all the difference in helping to shape my life and who I am. And I always encourage you to think about perspective as well. It just might be what makes a situation a win for you.

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