How God Inspires Creativity

Mar. 10, 2021

A lot of people find inspiration from God — from faith — and rightly so considering how people are driven by spirituality. If you are a faith believer then you believe that God shows you the way, inspiring you on your journey, and by doing so helping you to unleash your creativity.

And yet I really believe that a lot of people often confuse how God helps us unleash our creativity because of this belief of “showing the way”; Let me explain using my own experience and what I gather from others, written for you.

I am not deeply religious, BUT I do believe that God presents you with life’s roads to travel down (the opportunities). However, I find way too often that someone I’m helping go after their vision, is constantly waiting for a sign of some kind. Although that’s possible, it’s highly unlikely to “just come” and as I found out early on, that’s a limiting thought as it doesn’t promote action taking.

God showing you the roads to travel down means he opens doors for you, and yet it’s your job to step through them. God will present the opportunities, and yet it’s your job to pursue them. Waiting for a sign from God is fine, however, while God will always open doors for you, you will always be in that waiting stage until you do what’s needed.

This leaves a sort of creative struggle because creativity is all about generating new ideas, FOR YOU, and playing around with them. If you don’t walk the paths God puts in front you and shows you, then you won’t feel you’re at your best, generating a natural flow of creativity. It’ll feel forced or as if “something is needed” or being done just to drive a certain desire.

This will lead you down a path of feeling stuck or uninspired, which leads to you feeling unsure. This all could drive you down the roads that might get you somewhere, but you won’t feel in propels your purpose forward, and you might even start to feel down from it all. I’ve been there, and so have a lot of people I’ve connected with that I’ve chatted with about all this.

A natural flow of creativity ONLY comes when you’re having fun, playing with the ideas, and remain consistent with the good feeling you find from doing so. God’s inspiration drives this natural flow because God helps you always find alignment with your purpose, your why. By trusting the roads and people God places in your life, you will feel a creative energy is truly there and flowing naturally.

That’s where so many people seem to feel stuck.

You have to remember that creativity is bringing to life new ideas FOR YOU. That means even if you “steal” an idea, you can make it your own and it’s still unleashing creativity. If an idea comes from God showing you a path to go down, you should take it, walk it, and begin! Same with if God puts someone of meaning in your life, let them in to inspire you.

Believing in God is one thing, taking action when God “sends you” a vision is even better! It helps you unleash your creativity!

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