How Creativity Helps With Our Mental Health

Oct. 10, 2020

Before I begin it’s important you know I’m not a therapist. I’m writing this from the point of view of someone who has studied creativity and dealt with horrible anxiety and depression.

A few years after I dealt with extreme depression in 2015 I decided to really think about what helped, which is when I realized just how much creativity helps in life. And because I love connection I also realized my discoveries helped others as well.

There are really three factors as to why creativity helps with mental health; the awareness of feelings so you can be inspired, the inspiration to be creative, and the creativity itself.

It starts with awareness of feelings so you can find patience. That patience will allow you to pause and recognize what you are doing, and what you need. It’s extremely hard to unleash creativity if you aren’t aware that your feelings and emotions have taken over.

Awareness is followed by inspiration which comes from what or who you give attention to and connecting with. That alone can generate happiness because of the meaningful way you are connecting.

However, just being creative makes you feel good, and that’s why it’s important to let the inspiration unleash your creativity (yes, you can be inspired and not do anything with it). That creativity allows you find a flow, which is key!

Flow is what keeps you absorbed in whatever you are doing. That effective attention you are giving will keep away unwanted thoughts of depression or sadness, and means less chance of stress or frustration.

That flow is your creativity at work and allowing yourself to find happiness in ideas (creativity helps deal with situations). That’s why a simple idea such as going to be with friends, or going for a walk makes us feel good.

Finding that flow not only keeps your creativity flowing, but what I found is it actually allows you to return to that inspiration feeling inside that over and over again that got you unleashing your creativity in the first place. It makes you feel so excited other ideas may pop into your head.

That’s how creativity helps with mental health. You can think about in a simpler way like this: Awareness leads to patience which allows you to effectively give attention and connect with what or who inspires you to unleash your creativity.

The next time you feel difficulty with mental health, just being aware of the feelings and emotions will help you shift away from unwanted thoughts. And this shift can help unleash creativity, find the flow, and you’ll feel incredible doing so

Creativity truly is a magic that keeps you going.

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