The Fresh Feeling In Reinventing

Jun. 17, 2019

Several years ago I reinvented my personal brand so I could start seeing the vision I had for myself come to life. Working down this amazing path I envisioned allowed me to start thinking of the work I was doing differently and how I could really help clients in entertainment and fashion and create an impact. I took a step back to think deeply and proceeded in reshaping my brand with encouragement from people around me.

This brand reinvention was done because I wasn't happy with the direction things were going, and wanted to really show off the person I truly am. I felt much happier after the change, and have really stepped into who I want others to see and think of.

There are many reasons to reinvent or reshape your brand. Maybe you feel it’s time for something fresh like I did, or you find yourself moving in different directions than you were expecting, and though it feels exciting it suddenly feels confusing, maybe even overwhelming, because you didn’t realize the impact it would have on you.

And that’s ok! Feeling confused is a good time to take a step back and evaluate. The purpose of rebranding or reinventing helps to enhance and enliven your personal brand so it speaks out the way you want it to. This allows for people to perceive you the way YOU want.

We are often drawn to what excites us and makes us smile, and with me I loved the networking I was doing, but I felt “stuck” and knew I could reach higher and it was time for a change and something fresh. Being confusded and overwhelmed with thoughts of everything going on doesn’t always feel good and it doesn’t allow us to find happiness in it all.

Remember, personal branding is about how people think of you

It’s ok to step back, find some freshness, and launch yourself in a direction that will drive your personal brand and what you do to reach your highest potential. Enhancing it so that it speaks how you want it too, reaching your audience in the most positive, impactful way that will allow you feel happy and fall in love with what you're showing off online.

Determination to be consistent with your personal brand is important to going after your dreams. The more consistent you are, the more people will hire you and send you proposals for things that make sense, and the more do better and reach your true potential.

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