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Finding Happiness Through Connection

Aug. 6, 2020

My love of connection and for understanding human nature/behavior has made me realize a lot about the impact attention and connection has on our lives and vision(s). And ever since my experience with extreme depression and stress in 2015, I’ve realized just how much attention and connection play into our own happiness.

In previous blog entries I talk about how effective attention leads to connecting with things or people that inspire you, which gives way to creativity. This is also the way to find consistent happiness. Effective attention leads to connecting with things or people that inspire you and bring about happiness.

You might notice that when you do certain activities, such as hanging out or talking with friends, your happiness increases. The reason this happens is because you are connecting with that activity in a meaningful way. Meaningful connections can also, and usually do, inspire you, and inspiration certainly does bring on a feeling of happiness as well.

If you are hanging out with friends, or talking to one via FaceTime or phone, the meaningful connection created allows you feel happy during those times. Or when you are working out, by giving full attention to the workout you create a meaningful connection, and by doing so it raises your serotonin (happiness).

Meaningful connection doesn’t always create happiness, like for example when you need to talk to someone about something serious, but it does allow for a consistent flow of happiness. When you’re really need to talk to someone, you are doing so because it helps you feel better and find some happiness.

There have been plenty of studies done about how selfish humans are, and if you think about it that makes sense when looking at what makes you happy as well. Your desire for a fulfilled, happy life comes because you want certain things throughout life. You go after a certain career because it makes you feel good, and also because it get's you things you want. You connect with the friends you have because they make you feel good, they give you the care and love and attention you want.

However, when something doesn’t go your way it causes unhappiness. When something feels like “a lot” it stresses you out. That’s WHY it’s SO important to connect with what makes us happy. When you come across something that’s not favorable, it's important to pay attention to what you give attention to, as building that cycle helps with consistent happiness.

Not a lot of people realize how impactful connection and attention are in daily life, but if you really give attention to what and who you are connecting to you can find a spark of happiness, which hopefully will lead to continued happiness.


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