Creativity Can Strike Anywhere

Feb. 2, 2021

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My imagination comes to life simply by staring at my ceiling after I wake up. I get inspired simple by seeing the blank canvas and needing it not to be so boring in my mind. I've also realized that anything, at anytime can trigger inspiration from what I am giving attention to. And I love it when I hear stories of random inspiration hitting people I know, causing incredible ideas to come forth.

If inspiration can come on randomly simply from whatever or whoever you're eyes and ears are giving attention to, then that means creativity can strike at any time and any moment. I consider that pure beauty because it puts you in a position where you could feel good just because of an idea that randomly pops into your head.

In fact, if you think about it, the reason you adore doing certain things, being out and about, or looking online or on social media could be because you know something might inspire you unexpectedly. And this inspiration could bring about a wonderful new idea, or help re-energize an already existing one.

As much as I've written about how you can find inspiration by choosing what or who to give attention to and connect with, it can also come randomly. As easy as it is to seek out inspiration, it's also necessary to recognize when that something random might wake up the creativity inside you.

I encourage you all to think about what might have caused your creativity to "wake up," to be unleashed. It could be that something you didn't realize causes great inspiration for your creativity to come to life. Think about how you get inspired, and what might have caused it.

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