How Connections Impact Our Lives

Nov. 11, 2020

I got into understanding connection because I wanted to network better, and in the process fell in love with the idea of inspiring others, even just to work better at their branding or enhancing website. That’s when I began to understand connections impact – connection and attention impact daily life arguably more than anything else.

Attention is very important, however, the way your mind thinks about something or someone you give attention to, is a form of connection. That is what keep you inspired and creative, and yet it can also causes issues because connection has such power to make us feel certain ways, and they’re always positive.

Connections can inspire you, make you feel good, and can help you. Connections can also influence you in negative ways, make you feel bad, and frustrate you. Working together with attention it can create chaos in life, but it can also create amazing joy and wonderfulness.

The connections we create with others can either be great, amazing, inspiring, grow to be amazing friendships, or they can go south. They can feel stagnant, one-sided, and like there’s nothing to help a relationship develop.

And NOTHING beats the way you connect with your values, purpose(s), passions, and with what’s right.

It’s really easy to overvalue certain things like money, or social media. Or be influenced by what someone says, giving those things or people more importance than we should. It’s easier than you think to let connection affect you negatively. If you stop and consider the connections you give importance to it might help the world you’re creating around you be amazing, inspiring yourself in the process.

Understanding each other is an important to human connection. If we work to build understandings then we can work together build a better world, inspiring others to reach for the amazing, and be better ourselves. That’s what helps create an amazing community around us.

When we all connect as one voice, understanding each other, it helps with inspiring a better world. That’s what’s truly powerful about the impact connection can have.

It may be impossible to master mental skills like connection skills are, but for me, it’s easy to understand why connecting well and meaningfully is so important; both with yourself and others. And I hope you think about it’s importance and impact as well.

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