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Connecting With Empathy & Compassion

Aug. 27, 2020

Love of connection has driven my interest in human nature/behavior for long time now, and I have been asked a lot how I connect and network so well with others. I wanted to share my thoughts from what I’ve found specifically in regard to empathy and compassion, which is what makes a connection more meaningful.

The key to connecting well with others actually is about them, not you. Much the same way branding is about them. That’s why two friends having a conversation ask each other is doing and that’s why asking questions is important, including how someone is doing.

The key elements of meaningful connection are attention, empathy, and compassion. Effective attention is what drives empathy and compassion. Empathy is being able to listen well so we can understand the other person’s perspective and emotions. Compassion is when empathy includes a desire to help.

True, meaningful empathy and compassion asks a lot from us because we have to dive into a place where feelings of vulnerability and loneliness live. Often times those feelings brings a certain level of suffering because of the way we emotionally connect.

The reason some people have trouble with empathy and authentic compassion is because it’s natural to want to “run” or find a cure and happy place instead of going to a place of suffering. Because we don't want that chance of going to a place of suffering we don’t often find ourselves as empathetic and compassionate about others as we could be. That’s why it’s better to just start with being kind.

Then if you decide to interact more with someone, you can show more empathy and compassion, going further than just kindness.

Empathy and compassion helps to inspire others. And by creating a meaningful connection with empathy and compassion we can find happiness for ourselves as well.

That’s how we create better in our world, and the world around us. Connection with empathy and compassion.

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