The Best Way Creativity Helps Us

Sept. 15, 2020

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My long time love of connection has helped with a lot of my discoveries about creativity. And of all the discoveries I’ve made about attention, connection, and creativity, the best one is that they keep us going because of the balance they bring to life. Everything written below are from these discoveries of my own experiences from difficulties in life.

Effective attention allows you to focus on what’s most important in the moment, to who or what you connect with, and have a general sense of direction in life and what you do.

Effective connection, especially human connection, allows you to feel good about yourself, and helps deal with anxiety, depression, and emotions.

Attention and connection together help raise levels of self-esteem, and empathy. And they allow us to find inspiration which helps to bring the creativity out of us.

Unleashing your creativity allows you to bring your incredible ideas to life, problem solve, and deal with situations.

That means that effective attention and connection, and unleashing creativity allows you stay strong through difficult times in life because you are consistently engaging your mind in positive ways. This pushes aside the negative thoughts, allowing you to find inspiration in yourself.

AND… if you truly want to find love in everything you do, even with loving yourself, creativity needs to exist because it helps you with feeling valued.

That’s why it’s important to remember that attention and connection leads you to unleashing your creativity. (a cycle that I mention a lot in my blog entries)

It’s almost impossible to be completely consistent because of the way life progresses, and each of us encounter our own difficulties along the way. But if you truly think about why you might feel stuck or lost or whatever it might be, try and shift what you're giving attention to and the way you think.

That shifting of the mind will allow you focus on inspiration that will help bring an idea to life, which is creativity. By bringing this idea to life, it will make you feel good about yourself, and even bring on the motivation and passion needed to return to that idea because you know it makes you feel good.

The way creativity helps you feel good about yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you have to feel excited and love the world around you. It does help with happiness, but it's really all about how you can find the way to stay strong, stay inspired, and keep moving forward through everything going on that might cause disruption in life.

Right now much of the entertainment industry is still shut down and struggling (as are others as well); people are dealing with a lack of motivation/inspiration; a sense of unknown is in the air, and people are trying to stay strong. It may be hard to find happiness in all the sadness, struggle, and the hard to understand that exists, but you can always be empathetic, and with attention, connection, and creativity you can find a balance that keeps you going strong.

So I encourage you to think about what or who you give attention to and connect with. You never know where inspiration might come from, and that inspiration might just be what keeps you feeling good about yourself. It might even get you to bring to life that idea that's been sitting in your head that might do wonders for you.

That's why the best way creativity helps us is by bringing balance and by generating ideas that keep us going strong.

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