Hi, I'm Lavi Hendin

I'm a visionary and an expert in creativity, branding, personal and traditional, and I believe that everyone has incredible potential if they unleashing their creativity and follow the journey towards their vision. I also have a love for connection which has driven my interest in human nature and behavior.

In 2016, as a result of difficult times, I started to understand how attention and connection impact our daily more than anything else. I realized creativity comes easy with effective attention and connection, and creativity is arguably and big driving force in going after a vision. With purpose and passion as the base, personal branding and unleashing your creativity is next in going after your vision. It was my understand all of this as well as seeing what was happening with others, that inspires me and my desire to help others.

I’ve been working mostly with clients in entertainment and fashion, helping them connect their vision with what they do through branding. I've worked with Sinbad, Boyd Tinsley (formerly of Dave Matthews Band), Princeton Perez (formerly of Mindless Behavior), and clients associated big name artists such as Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Lady Gaga, Usher, and Justin Timberlake, to name a few. I’ve also worked with fashion and fitness models who have been featured all over the world, and have great presence on social media.


Around 2010 I started doing graphics and websites for clients in music, and shortly thereafter I met and befriended Kern Brantley, one of the top music directors in the music industry. Kern introduced me to so many people that I quickly learned about connection so I could network better. This was the beginning of my love with connection and understanding how it affects everything we do.

Because of the connections I was making I decided to start doing branding in 2011, and started learning as much as I could about branding in the process. It was really at this time that I started learning more about human nature and behavior as well

Over the next several years my network expanded pretty fast and so I continued to expand to working with clients in all areas of entertainment, and even working with high profile models as well. I got listen to incredible stories, learn from the heavy hitters, and everything was going exactly how I wanted.

Then in 2015 work had all but stopped for reasons I still don’t really know and it felt like I was back at square one, except now with a lot of incredible connections. I went through the most depressing three months of my life, followed by a horrible up and down year before I would start feeling good again.

After those three months I went out to Idaho and worked with one of the most inspiring mentors in my life to help get things back on track. During the almost year that I spent there I reinvented my personal brand and discovered my vision.

It wasn’t until late 2016 that I started really developing the Lavi I am today. Having gone through such depression not only gave me great understand on how to stay strong during depressing times in life, but also to understand the true importance of attention, connection, and creativity being key ingredients of your vision.

And because I’ve seen first hand how much it helped me, I am on a mission to inspire as many people as I can to discover their vision, and understand how attention, connection, and creativity play a big part.

Technology is ruining human nature as we know it, but people need to realize that it will never beat and destroy human nature.