Work With Lavi

All of Lavi's services are customized for each client.

He does mainly work with clients in entertainment, fashion, or fitness, but welcomes all.

Help with enhancing or building your personal brand

Establishing a strong personal brand by sharing stories and experiences helps enhance the way your audience thinks of you and is important to reaching your true potential.


Introduction Call

The first step is to get an idea of where you are at so Lavi can help you gain clarity in the steps needed for developing your personal brand.

The introduction calls usually last between an 30 minutes and one hour.

Personal Brand Guidance

Lavi works closely with you, guiding you in enhancing your personal brand so that it helps you reach your true potential.

Personal Brand Overhaul

Lavi will work closely with you as a coach to help you recreate your personal brand. If you feel you're not seeing the results you want, recreating your personal brand is a great way to see your vision come alive and help you reach your true potential.

Website Design / Maintenance

A powerful place online where you can show off your world and what you do. It's a platform that allows you to have 100% control of what goes on. Maintenance is always needed to keep a website up to date, whether you have a website that we've created, or one you just need help upkeeping.

Website costs vary based on the site design and functionality needed. Please contact for costs.

Graphic Design

Lavi can help with creating visuals that will allow you to better promote and market. Design services include; Logo Design, important to helping people identify what's yours or your business, Flyer/Poster Design, Social Media Content, and anything else design that might be needed

Graphics are charged based on hours needed, and start at $75/hr.