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About First Impressions

The creation of my personal brand started out with me understanding that a good first impression is incredibly important, helping to impact how each person I interact with thinks of me. I learned how to create a likeable impression so I could create the connections needed for work. Giving off the wrong impression ends up sending the wrong initial message, and then it might hard to change. That’s why when you’re building your brand there is such importance in creating a good first impression.

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression”

There is a good chance that people give you less time to make a first impression on social media than if you meet in person. If you put content online that doesn’t leave the perception of you that you want show off, then you’ll build an audience that perceives you incorrectly. I always make sure the impression I give others is appealing so that there is a better chance someone will perceive me correctly. That has helped me build my brand the way I wanted early on, and has made it easier for me to change it up as needed.

A good example would be if you’re on social media to drive the work you do and you post content that has nothing to do with your work, people aren’t going to think what you want them to. It’s not going to help you expand, and it will lead your brand in the wrong direction. It’s always good to be careful and post content that drives the perception you want. Part of creating that desired image is also knowing that not everything has to go up online. There are many reasons why something about you should stay private.

It’s easy to just post content online as you feel like it, but if it’s not leading viewers down the right path that YOU want, then posting that content does nothing. If the first impression someone get’s from you isn’t attractive and creating an understand of who you might be, that person won’t be able to perceive you correctly, likely won’t follow you, and each time that happens it effects your brands growth.

Lead someones eye in the right direction and they’ll pick up on things that attract them. Lead someone to believe in your brand, and strike with every first chance you get. I didn’t create the connections I’ve made by giving off the wrong impression when I introduce myself to people, and neither should you. Creating a positive perception of yourself is the key to an amazing personal brand.